What we do

The Diamond Exchange of Singapore serves as the standard bearer, consolidated voice, promoter and facilitator of the diamond and jewellery industry in Singapore. Our members are a ready resource of qualified ‘go to’ professionals to meet every diamond and jewellery need. The industry ethical standards under which our members operate provides you the ability to buy diamonds and jewellery with confidence.

We aim to educate the public on the workings and the beautiful offerings of our industry. To that end, we offer a variety of events that seek to fulfil these goals - from curating jewellery exhibitions, organising talks and seminars by prominent industry professionals on topical issues, as well as networking & partnership events for the trade. We support the interests of our members through effective communication with regulatory bodies and trade organisations. We also act as the moderating body in enforcing trading rules and settling disputes amongst our members.



We organise exhibitions and trade events that our members take part in, locally as well as internationally. Through our association with the WFDB and with assistance from local government bodies, we have been able to secure increased visibility and credibility for Singapore jewellers.

The DES has leveraged its long standing WFDB membership to host international diamond events which build Singapore’s reputation internationally. These important industry events have attracted participation from trade luminaries worldwide, which in turn enhances the Singapore brand internationally. Over the years, we have hosted events like the WFDB & International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) World Diamond Congress in 1988, the WFDB & IDMA Presidents’ Meeting in August 1997 and more recently the WFDB Asia-Pacific Summit in February 2014; and we will soon be playing host to the inaugural Jewellery World Asia (JWA) show in November 2019.



Regular lunch and trading days for our members which often feature talks by prominent industry experts. This helps foster trade and exchange of information amongst members as well as discussions on industry-related matters.

One of our key activities is to help our members find ways to expand their business internationally by leveraging the Singapore brand. To facilitate this, we have collaborated with government trade bodies like Enterprise SG (the former Trade Development Board) to organise overseas joint trade missions.

Our members have participated in missions to several Asian countries. With governmental help and reach, we are able to travel as a delegation in search of new markets which would otherwise be a monumental task for individual businesses.