Types of Membership

There is strength in numbers. By being a member of the DES, you have a formidable ally by your side, helping you boost your business, expand your network locally as well as internationally, open doors for you that otherwise might be challenging to open as an individual acting alone. Membership to DES gives you and your organisation the credibility that comes with recognition, gravitas, and knowledge. We are presently encouraging younger individuals with less than 2 years in the trade to join as members with attractive membership terms.

We offer two types of membership: Individual (trading) and Corporate (non-trading):


Individual Membership

(i) Open to individuals, 21 years and above, who have a reasonable track record of trading in the field of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls or precious metal jewellery as wholesalers, dealers, polishers, manufacturers, retailers, brokers, designers, gemologists, etc.

(ii) Individual Membership is considered a full trading membership and application requires support of a proposer and a seconder from amongst our members.

Corporate Membership

(i) Open to duly registered/incorporated bodies engaged in services and activities of a supportive or ancillary nature to our trade. (e.g.: logistics, banking, insurance, exhibitions etc.)

(ii) Corporate members are entitled to the same rights and privileges as Individual Members, except trading and voting rights. They can participate in all activities and meetings organised by the DES. Companies directly engaged in the diamond and jewellery trade are not eligible for corporate membership.